A tradition of quality since 1986.

Belden General Contractors, founded in 1986, is a well-respected, professional construction services company, where quality and craftsmanship is key.

Belden General Contractors traces its roots back to 1986 in New York and since then have never looked back. With many of successful projects under our belt, we can proudly say that we are one of the most trusted construction companies in Florida performing both residential and commercial construction work.

Belden General Contractors has a well-deserved reputation as the contractor of major turnkey construction projects. For more than 31 years, Belden General Contractors has offered a wide range of construction services in Florida, and many other cities in the United States. We strive to maintain the highest standards while exceeding client’s expectations at all levels.

Knowledge, expertise, good people and collaboration. We make the impossible possible.

With vast experience and an excellent track record, we have positioned ourselves as the ideal solution for all residential and commercial development projects.

Belden General Contractors puts forth the best team members and tradesmen for the right projects, working alongside with the best subcontractors in their fields. Our in-house departments analyze every detail in these projects to ensure optimal output and efficiency across the board.


We not only honor commitments, but are known for meeting tough deadlines while delivering nothing but the best. We aim to create a responsive client relationship that allows us to meet and even exceed the goals of each of our projects. Belden General Contractors is well known for its innovation and by collaborating successfully with our customers, designers, sub-contractors, consultants as well as suppliers; we have been able to provide more specialized level of services.

We are continuously evolving and understand the different aspects of delivering high value construction and complex projects with ease. We are a full service company and has recognized the importance of operating across a range of disciplines and procedures. We are continually working across a number of projects and with a host of partners, and our 31 years’ experience in the business has evolved us into one of the most successful and committed companies in the industry today.


It is our policy to provide all of our employees and subcontractors with the safest work environment possible. In pursuit of our safety commitment we have set a goal of “zero job related accidents” on all project sites. We have also implemented the following policies and practices:

Drug Test Policy

All of our work sites are drug-free zones. We strictly enforce a policy of random drug testing for existing employees. In addition, all new employees are required to submit to a urinalysis drug screen prior to employment.

Safety Training

All Belden Project Managers, Superintendents and field personnel are highly trained in all Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) policies, procedures, and standards, as well as construction safety and health principles. All of our superintendents are required to complete the OSHA ten-hour course, which serves as a tool to educate employees on the scope and application of the OSHA construction standards with special emphasis on areas that are the most hazardous.

Belden General Contractors is committed to developing and expanding client and partner relationships, by continually looking for ways to provide greater value and improved service. As a result, Belden General Contractors has developed strong strategic alliance partnerships with some of the most reputable and successful trades.

Our close working relationships with various industry suppliers and subcontractors ensures an efficient and high level of service at highly competitive rates. These benefits are passed on to our clients, allowing us to provide quality and cost efficient solutions. Belden General Contractors aims to build on this foundation by providing unique investment opportunities for joint venture partners, and by offering a distinctive platform for business alliances

To build safe environments. To respect the priorities of our clients without whom our very existence would not be possible. To sustain our reputation as one of Florida’s most reliable construction company. To make our employees feel proud that they are working for Belden General Contractors. Building on a family heritage that spans more than two decades, we aim to create an all-inclusive image based on;

  • Ethics
  • Dynamism
  • Responsibility

We behave towards others with integrity, honesty, courtesy, consideration, respect and dignity. What we value? Our values help to define what we stand for. We require all our people to consider our values along with the principles of our code, and keep asking, “Is what I’m doing consistent with what we stand for?” What kind of company are we? One that cares about our people.

We wish to be known for our transparency, honesty and integrity. This is the hallmark of our behavior in all we do. It characterizes every aspect of our relationship with our people, our customers, our suppliers and other stakeholders. It builds confidence and trust in us. To be trusted allows us to develop positive working relationships wherever we work in the world, and it brings us business.

Our reputation gives our customers, employees, partners, suppliers, investors and the many communities that we serve, the confidence to trust us and do business with us. Our four Group-wide values of Integrity, Teamwork, Excellence, and Respect, are essential in helping to guide our employees and the way that they behave.

We will not tolerate corruption and dishonesty in any form and would rather miss out on business than compromise our integrity. We treat everyone equally and embrace difference. We are fair and open with everybody. We work at creating excellent relationships. We keep our promises. We work together to create an environment in which everyone feels valued and there is equal opportunity for all. We encourage everyone to achieve their maximum potential.